We are a privately held company providing oilfield well services vital to the growth of the oil industry. Our mission is to be the foremost West African oil service company by creating and sustaining superior added value for stockholders, customers and employees.

Our vision is to be the best West African oil service provider such that:
• The customers prefer us
• Employees are proud to be associated with the team
• Competitors reckon with us
• All other stakeholders are happy to associate with us.

Our primary objective is to excel in financial performance and we will achieve this by balancing short-term actions and long-term growth. Our goal is to execute our services right the first time, every time as planned. We intend to base our approach to success on: -

• An organizational culture of commitment and team membership.
• Adoption of the values of a recognized quality management system.
• Adoption of measures to protect the Health, Safety and Security of our employees and others who may be affected by our operations.
• Adoption of measures to ensure that the Environment does not suffer any degradation as a result of the company’s activities.